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Ideal for all hair types, this brush has soft silicone bristles. Wet and dry use, for a deep cleansing massage. Perfect for the application of shampoo and conditioner. Increase circulation. Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand.


Massage your scalp and deep clean with less shampoo and conditioner while simultaneously strengthening the root of the hair and relaxing scalp muscles. Deep reaching bristles deliver your favorite products directly to roots while stimulating the scalp. Increase circulation while clearing dead skin cells to prevent dandruff, itching and inflammation. Ideal for all hair types and styling including natural hair, braids, weaves and extensions. Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your palm.

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With an impressive selection of natural, toxin-free products, the Natural Hair Culture boutique is committed to caring for your crown as well as your health! All products at Natural Hair Culture contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and are formulated exclusively for your curly, coily and wavy hair.
All out products are mineral oil free, paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free and cruelty free.





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