At Natural Hair Culture, we de-racialise hair and beauty
by focusing on your natural hair texture

For a smooth running of our services, please read our Policies carefully. 

Prices listed below are in Rs. They depend on various factors such as client’s length and density, excess time, and product usage and can vary. If you have any questions on specific pricing, please inquire prior to being serviced.

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  • Consultation 300

    Duration: 20-30 mins
    A consultation at Natural Hair Culture is a one-on-one conversation between the stylist and yourself that aid in assessing your hair and scalp needs, and overall style and health goals and desires for your hair.
    *FREE with all Natural Hair Culture treatment on the same day.


  • Protein Treatment 1,500-2,000

    Duration: 60 mins
    Protein Treatment is a unique salon service product formulated with magnesium and modified proteins which fuse into the hair with the application of heat. The result is that breakage is drastically reduced and rebuilds hair structure.
    *Include Wash *Exclude curl definition or blow dry

  • Stand Alone - Olaplex Treatment 2,000

    Duration: 50 mins
    This treatment is used to repair hair that has been damaged by chemicals (color/ relaxers) by liking together broken disulfide bonds. These bonds, responsible for 60% of the hair's strength, break when excessive heat or chemicals reach the cortex of the hair and do damage. Olaplex is a permanent bond connector; the more it is used the more it rebuilds and strengthens the hair.
    Client is kindly requested to do a clarifying shampoo before attempting to the appointment. Failure to do so may result to additional time and will be charged for the extra-work. 

    *This is an add-on to a full Service and should not be booked alone.
    * Include wash with Olaplex 4 Shampoo & Olaplex 5 Conditioner.

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • - With Steam 1,500-1,800
  • - Without Steam 1,200-1,500

    Duration: 90 mins
    Hydration treatment infused with nourishing botanical ingredients. Essential therapeutic remedy to hydrate the hair.
    *Include wash and curl definition or blow dry.

  • Curl & Scalp Clarifying + Deep Conditioning Steam Treatment 1,700-2,200

    Duration: 120 mins
    A deep cleansing, detoxifying treatment that gently removes buildup/dandruff from the hair and scalp. Followed by a nourishing botanical hydration treatment designed to hydrate the hair.
    *Include wash and curl definition or blow dry.


  • (prices include wash)

  • Straight 500-800

    Duration: 45 mins

  • Straight Body + Volume 600-900

    Duration: 60 mins

  • Straight Body + Flat iron 700-1,000

    Duration: 80 mins

  • Straight Body + Volume + Curly Iron 900-1,200

    Duration: 80 mins

  • Silk Press
    Thermo protectant Smoother therapy wash + Silk Serum + Mist heat protectant
  • - Flat silk press 1,500-1,800
  • - Volume curl silk press 1,600-1,900

    Duration: 90 mins
    A Silk Press Blowout is a great natural alternative way to straighten natural hair without using chemicals products and prevent hair from heat damage. Our Silk Press Blowout treatment include: Shampoo, Steam Hydration conditioning smoother, blow dry, trim, press and finishing style.


  • (excluding Wash, Style or Blow Wave)

  • Trim 200-500

    Duration: 30 mins

  • Curly Hair Cut (Dry cut) 900-1,200

    Duration: 45 mins
    *Client is kindly requested to detangle and style curly before the appointment. See Policies

  • Afro Cut 700-1,000

    Duration: 45 mins
    *Client is kindly requested to wash and detangle before the appointment. See Policies

  • Regular Cut 500-800

    Duration: 30 mins

  • Other Cut As from 300

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