“I’m curly, I understand”

The vision of Natural Hair Culture started with Isabelle Gouranna, who used to have hair problems caused by the use of hair relaxer; she started to lose her hair and her scalp got irritated. In 2015, she decided to ‘transition’ to her natural hair and this has entirely changed her life. Obviously, in the beginning, it was very challenging. The biggest challenge was to accept and take responsibility for having her naturally frizzy hair. In the Mauritian culture, this type of hair was often negatively viewed, thus not seeing it as naturally beautiful. It was only when her hair started to grow again in their natural state that she had her ‘A-HA’ moment.
Since then, this has become a passion for her, helping and advising people in taking care of their natural hair. This brought such deep joy that she decided to run natural hair care workshops all around the island. During a few conversations with the participants, she realized that there are quite a bunch of Mauritian ladies, still stigmatized, by the society’s view of carrying your naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hairstyle. Activist by nature, Isabelle decided to bring natural hair care education to the Mauritian society.
In 2017, she opened her first hair salon, for women eager to rediscover and embrace their natural hair. This was a place where they could let their natural hair expressed.

We are all One

Our similarities in being curly-haired goddesses bring us together and meaningful conversations
help us understand each other in our own identity


With the number of customers growing, she felt the need and the thirst to grow professionally to be able to offer a more dedicated and expert service. She took a plane for South Africa to expand her knowledge and become a certified expert in the domain.
Back in 2019, Isabelle closed the Floreal salon and moved to Curepipe to the Garden Village Center. That move was an opportunity to create and offer a more elegant and cosy space to her existing and new customers. The commercial centre concept fits perfectly to Isabelle’s salon: green surrounding, calm and welcoming. All elements combined was a sure way to create and welcome each customer for a unique and ultimate ‘natural hair’ experience.

No space for chemical products at Natural Hair Culture. We are committed to high-quality selection of the best natural hair products on the market to respond to the needs of each customer. Isabelle enjoys sharing this knowledge and passion for naturally curly hair with her clients.
Her motto is: “I’m curly, I understand.”